• Emma Belen Photography

Thank you 2018!

Thank you 2018! I had the time of my life . You were the best year ever. I turned 30, which I have to say it was a little bit scary. I know its just a number, but the female mind is tricky at times. Now, I can say that being 30 is great!! I grew as a person, wife, daughter, sister, photographer and business owner. I put a lot of passion and love into this business. I had an epic honeymoon with my husband, Gustavo. We were in five different countries last April having the time of our lives!! We walked down the beautiful streets of London, tasted some really amazing food in Amsterdam, had romantic dinners in Paris, had the best wine & cappuccinos ever in Rome and Venice, and saw the most beautiful sunsets of all time in Santorini, Greece. It was definitely a great year!!

I found courage to do what I love the most full time thanks to my husband. I danced, cried, loved, & laughed, but it was all worth it. I heard new stories and met new clients some of which I can now call friends. I meet people that value and respect my work. My team grew a lot this year as well as of our love for photography and Videography.

Thank you 2018, thank you for all the great adventures for the all the love, laughs, for all the late nights editing, for all coffees, meetings, the support from my team & my husband, but definitely THANK YOU to all my Amazing Clients!! Thank you for all your trust and support!! You made 2018 the BEST YEAR EVER!!