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Jasmine & Israel's Engagement Session |Cantigny Park | Emma Belen Photography

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Jasmine and Israel are tying the knot next year and I could be more excited to capture their wedding! I met Jasmine a couple years ago at my old job, so when she emailed me about photographing her wedding I was extremely excited!

Jasmine and Israel have been together for 5 years! They are one of the most down to earth couples I have ever meet and you can tell they are just meant to be! These two were all love and smiles during their engagement session at Cantigny Park.

They definitely are relationship goals! Below is their vision for their wedding day!

What’s you vision for Wedding day?

Our vision for our wedding day is to literally embrace the embodiment of how we feel towards each other and begin our first and most important commitment to each other with the greatest passion and excitement. Regardless of what happens or who is there and who isn't what matters is us and only us

Congrats guys!



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