• Emma Belen Photography

Jade & Jacob | Proposal, LondonHouse, Chicago | Emma Belen Photography

Jacob & Jade were in Chicago celebrating their 5th year anniversary and they had plans to go celebrate at the LondonHouse Rooftop, but what Jade didn't know was that Jacob had secretly planned to pop the question!

They arrived to the beautiful cupola and Jade was surprise with rose petal and a bottle of Dom Perignon. She walked into the Cupola with a huge smile and said "hello" to me while I was snapping photos still kind of confused, she turned around and saw Jacob. Jacob grabbed her hand, got on one knee and popped the question and in that moment everything changed for these two.

Jade obvislousy said YES! Still in chocked she kept looking at the amazing ring Jacob got her. I mean just check the photos below.

I was extremely lucky to capture this special moment for them. They are both sweet, fun, respectful and I can tell that they are extremely in love with each other.

Congratulations again guys! keep "The Fire" going! :)