My name is Emma Belen Duarte. I'm a Wedding and Quinceanera photographer based in Chicago, IL.  I have been in the photography business for a little more that 12 years. My career in photography started when I was 17 years old working at my dad's studio. After working for my dad for around 7 years. I decided it was time to start my own journey.

The photography style that identifies me is fun, romantic, but above all natural. I consider myself a joyful person and very passionate about photography. I love to travel and to eat, specially tacos, cupcakes & ice cream!! 

I'm a happy wife  with no  kids, but I live with an adult that really acts like one ( hint: my husband). I love to read and my perfect day will be a Sunday watching  a movie next to my hubby. 

I live to capture magical moments on your perfect day!


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Emma B. Duarte 

1. Belen is my Middle name and not my Last name :)

2. I can not go a day without coffee

3. I speak fluent Spanish - Hola!

4. I'm a dog person

5. My favorite movie is a walk to remember, but I'm also a Harry Potter and Marvel fan. Weird I know! 

6. Love to travel and meet new people

Things you should know about me!